“Dr. Black turned my health and life around. Having to undo what other doctors had tried, the Blacks put me on the right road of health. They treated me wholly, not just putting band aides on my symptoms. They are amazing family of Doctors and Staff!” – Michelle P.

“Before working with the doctors at A Family Healing Center, I had general anxiety and severe anxiety around flying that kept me from getting near a plane. Working with the doctors and the neural therapy treatment specifically, I lowered my anxiety and have even successfully flown a couple of times! They have also helped with healing my thyroid after dealing with a low one for years without successful treatment. I recommend A Family Healing Center for anyone I can!” – Nancy

“The quality of care is far greater than at any conventional doctor. Instead of just pushing pills to treat symptoms, they actually try to find the underlying cause of the symptoms. Family Healing Center is awesome!” – Kyle S.

“I’ve been battling pain from two car accidents and a kidney disorder for quite some time. Dr. Jason and the team have helped me on reversing the symptoms so I can live a pain free full life! Can’t thank you guys enough.” – Amber K.

“My experience here has been amazing. The Staff and Doctors really care about all aspect of my health. They treat me as a whole person. The treatment that was used for my shoulder injury has been completely effective. I am free of pain!” – Lori S.

“The PRP treatment really works when it is injected in the sore area” – Bill C.

“After years of being covered by a HMO, my work changed insurance carriers. On the last visit, Dr. Black scheduled an MRI, something the HMO denied through years of X-Rays. Jason has been treating me for years now and I couldn’t be happier or more confident in his ability to treat me.” – Dan L.

“I’ve experienced a lot of new techniques like the injections to my neck, something I’ve never done before. It was very interesting and much much respect for Dr. Jason and all other physicians here. You all are awesome! Keep up the good work!” – Elizabeth S.