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Plant Stem Cell Therapies / Gemmotherapy

Plant Stem Cell remedies, also called gemmotherapy, are the extracts from the buds and shoots of plants, trees, and shrubs. The remedies are extracted by a highly specialized process using alcohol, water, and glycerin to extract the full spectrum of phytochemicals. There are two parts within a plant stem cell remedy that are important in its healing effect: the plant growth hormones and the phytochemicals.

The buds and shoots are the rapidly growing part of the plant and contain plant growth hormones that stimulate the cells of plants to grow and develop from immature undifferentiated cells into mature differentiated cells.

Plant growth hormones, the stimulating growth factors found in plant stem cells, stimulate the immature cells in the tissues and organs of humans to replace non-functioning cells, repair damaged cells, and regenerate lost tissue and function.

Phytochemicals in plant stem cell remedies promote regeneration through stimulating cellular processes and can aid in many different metabolism pathways within the body. The phytochemicals and plant growth hormones, both, promote division and differentiation of cells and produce a uniquely cellular and physiologic approach to illness that works towards reversing the disease process and promoting cure rather than merely suppressing symptoms. The phytochemical properties of each remedy guides the practitioner in choosing remedies most appropriate for each patient. Many plant stem cell remedies can be used in conjunction with or alternatively to pharmaceutical medications based on their phytochemical make up. For example, the remedy Black Current is high in brassinosteroids and can be used in alternative to steroid prescription drugs in many cases.

The theory of using plant stem cells for treatment originated in the France during the 1950s. The extracts are currently now produced in Belgium and most recently in Italy and are primarily being used by practitioners in Europe. Both Drs. Jason and Jessica successfully utilize plant stem cell remedies to treat various conditions such as pediatric illness, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, pain and arthritis, acute and chronic diseases, cancer, and more. They both were trained by Dr. Dominique Richard, MD, the foremost authority on Plant Stem Cell therapy in the United States who trained in France and has practiced in New York City for the last 35 years.

Most of the time, using plant stem cells produce positive effects immediately. In rare cases, when a patient begins using plant stem cell therapy, minor symptoms may occur and can resemble symptoms of past disease as the tissues are cleansed of previously incomplete healing. Usually the symptoms are not serious, and even those who are sensitive can tolerate this process. Most symptoms are short lived and will resolve on their own within 3-5 days.

Lifestyle and Adjunctive Therapies: During the cleansing and reprogramming process, the patient must focus on adequate nutrition, rest, exercise, water, sunshine, detoxification, prayer, positive attitude and expectation, forgiveness and appreciation. Such ongoing activities and attitudes are the foundations of health. Other therapies such as UNDA numbers, homeopathic remedies, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients may be indicated to help support the body and will be prescribed as necessary to aid in healing and/or maintaining healthy body function.

These remedies are non-toxic, will not interfere with other medications (conventional or non-conventional), have a gentle yet deep-acting and long-lasting effect, and are safe for all ages including infants.

Note: The remedies used at this at A Family Healing Center are in concentrated form. Many gemmotherapy remedies are being used in the United States in a 1 DH dilution which means the remedies have been diluted and the dosage, therefore has to be significantly larger to gain the same effect. Using the concentrated form allows us to significantly reduce the amount of alcohol taken and allows us to effectively treat more infants, children, and adults with these remedies. In addition, we have found the concentrated form of these remedies to be much more effective.